Tuition | Fees | Registration 


  • Registration Fee (students in K-8) $170.00

  • Registration Fee (students in 9th grade) $50.00



  • $205.00 per month

  • Siblings: $175.00 per child

Yearly Tuition Breakdown Table: 

$2,050 ($205.00 monthly for 10 months) for 1- student family

$3,800 ($380.00 monthly for 10 months) for 2-student family

$5,550 ($555.00 monthly for 10 months) for 3-student family

$7,300 ($730.00 monthly for 10 months) for 4-student family


9th Grade Independent Correspondence Students: $1100 ($110.00 monthly for 10 months) for each student.

Tuition for a partial school year is to be prorated on the basis of the yearly tuition divided by 180 days, multiplied by the number of enrolled days.  A registration fee is charged per student, per year, regardless of when the student registers and regardless of the number of students in the family. The registration fee is non-refundable after school begins.

Tuition is billed in ten (10) equal monthly installments to spread the amount over a longer period in order to be more financially accommodating for families. The school is also billed by the conference in ten monthly installments. Tuition is payable no later than the 30th of the month. An account that is 30 days past due may be assessed a late fee on the past due balance. After an account is 60 days past due with no satisfactory arrangements made with the treasurer and Education Board, the student may be suspended from school until proper arrangements have been made.

On the day of registration, the first month’s tuition is due plus the registration fee for each child.  All previous years’ debts to this school or to any other school must be paid in full by this time or we will be unable to proceed with registration for your child.  Please contact the school treasurer for additional information regarding our financial policies. Financial aid is available but does not cover the registration fee.

A student who may transfer to another school at any time during the year or at the beginning of the next year, must have their account current or financial arrangements made before any transcripts can be sent.

Any checks returned for insufficient funds must be repaid with the addition of a $10 service fee.

Other charges (i.e. damages, etc.) that the student incurs during the school year will be added as required.

Any exceptions to the above will be handled by the Education Board.